Never Underestimate the Power of…Friends

If you know me at all you know I believe in angels among us.  That we are placed into each other’s lives by God at the exact moment when we are needed. I have countless stories to prove this theory so you shouldn’t argue it with me.  Plus it’s a nice idea so why would you want to argue about it? Just go with it. Try it out for yourself.  You’ll see. I’m onto something here.

I find over and over that my friends say and do things that I didn’t even know I needed them to say or do. This is how I know it is divine intervention, because it is literally like God whispering in my ear.  I mean there are a lot of obvious, typical ways my friends support me. But I’m talking about something someone does that sticks with me in my mind and becomes something bigger.  And then smack! A moment comes when I realize: wow, I really needed to hear those words. Often the words just get put in the back of my mind somewhere in dusty storage, and then I take them out and listen to them when I’m ready.

Some time back in 2006, I was visiting my friend Jodi and talking to her husband about my weight and how much I would want to lose, if I ever could. This was back in the days when I did not believe there was any chance of my reaching or maintaining a healthy body.  I threw out a number to him that I believed I would never hit, and it was a HIGH number.  He scrunched up his face at me and said, “Huh? Why? Why would you not be able to reach that? Of course you can.” He was serious-as if I was talking complete gibberish.  This was a revelation to me. So certain was I that I could never reach that number that it was shocking to talk to someone who was equally mystified by my thinking. I didn’t want to think about that conversation right away. I put that directly into the storage room and let it sit there.  Good and long.

Fast forward a few years, I had lost 70 pounds and gained half back. I met a new friend, Maria, after our most recent move.  I was at a pool party at her house and not feeling too happy about my swimsuit situation.  I made some sort of self-deprecating remark, which she sort of shrugged off and replied “Oh whatever. You’re not ready. When you’re ready, you’ll change it.” She said this so casually and confidently that again I was a bit rocked. Another potent idea had been given to me, and that went into storage too. Unbeknownst to me there was some momentum building behind these thoughts.

A few weeks later, when I was feeling overwhelmed with disappointment in myself, the idea to start making changes immediately grabbed me. The words of my friends Wendy popped into my head: if not now, when? It was a true “light bulb” moment. I think these moments come and go in our lives and it is up to us to act on them. This time? I recognized this moment for what it was because my friend Maria had just told me it would come. Why would I have thought that this attempt would be any different from the others? Because another friend had said it to me so plainly: of course you can. And suddenly I could answer Wendy’s question: Now.  Right now.

Nowadays I'm more than happy to throw on a swimsuit and chill at the pool or beach! Cheers!

Nowadays I’m more than happy to throw on a swimsuit and chill at the pool or beach! Cheers!

Why do those moments stand out to me? They were passing comments made to me during light conversation. None was a deep, soul-searching session filled with advice seeking. These weren’t quiet, private heart-to-hearts between my closest friend or my husband and myself. But I recognized immediately when I heard them that these people believed, beyond any doubt, that I could reach my goal. They spoke directly to my doubt and disbelief.

And if they believed, maybe they were right. Maybe I could do it. Maybe I should believe, too. Once I began to believe I could be who I wanted to be, and do what I wanted to do, I began to insist upon nothing less. I believed I could, so I did.

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